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Injured overseas while working as an independent contractor? You may be entitled to medical and monetary compensation under the Defense Base Act. Only an Attorney who specializes in Defense Base Act law will be able to tell you if you are getting everything you deserve.

Welcome to the Defense Base Act Forum

This website is for Independent Contractors who have served under contract from the U.S. Government. If you have been injured overseas while working as an independent contractor you may be entitled to medical and monetary compensation benefits from your Defense Base Act insurance.  

We have created this website as a forum for Independent Contractors to learn about issues that may affect them and for them to be able to communicate with other Independent Contractors who have been through the same or similar issues.  

This is not limited to DBA claims relating to injuries from overseas but to general topics relevant to the contractor community. This website is made to promote the community of Independent Contractors worldwide, benefit injured workers and stress the importance of competent legal representation.

Why choose us for DBA Cases

Excellent knowledge of the law

Since The Defense Base Act is a Federal law which is mostly unknown to independent contractors and even by the majority of attorneys, it is important to find a Defense Base Act Attorney who can zealously represent you. Only one who specializes in this particular law will understand the system enough to know if you are getting the full benefits you deserve.

Practiced in 3 countries and 30 states

Matthew T. Singer practices in Defense Base Act law. He has represented Independent Contractors in 3 countries and more than 30 states. Mr. Singer generally does not charge his DBA clients for his services, as a Defense Base Act attorney his fee is paid by the Insurance Company separate and apart from the settlement or verdict which the client receives.

Experienced DBA Lawyers

Quite often, people attempt to handle their own DBA claims but are unaware of their rights under the law, subjecting them to tricks and pitfalls of dealing with an experienced insurance defense attorney. Insurance companies often intentionally or unintentionally try to deny, delay or underpay claims to independent contractors, an experienced Defense Base Act Attorney will know your rights and how to handle these claims from filing with the Department of Labor to appealing an adverse decision to the Benefits Review Board.

Free Case Evaluation form

If you think you have a case and would like us to take a look at the details, please complete all fields of the form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Your information is totally confidential and secure. Please note, however, that our review of your case does not create an attorney client relationship. We are happy to represent you and do our utmost for our clients. Your win is our win. Let’s get ‘em.

our happy clients

Richard Severson
Retired Army Officer

Matt Singer was of invaluable help to my son and my family. My son Weston served with Halliburton in Afghanistan and was injured. AIG stood in his way for years, blocking his treatment and delaying his recovery. After years of trying to resolve this issue, we finally succeeded getting my son his necessary disk replacement surgery. We eventually found and contacted Matt late in our fight. He helped us quickly get the final resolution and settlement with the insurance company through arbitration. If we had known to contact him earlier, we would not have had a six year ordeal with unbelievable anguish and pain. I highly recommend his services.


I was injured in Iraq working as a security contractor in 2008, which started as a nightmare with the insurance company's bought and paid for shills, always looking for ways not to help you...I highly recommend the law office of Matthew T. Singer. His knowledge of DEFENSE BASE ACT insurance is second to none. I know about second to none, as a former US NAVY SEAL I recognized a professional in the way my case was conducted, was outstanding. All my concerns in regards to my case was always answered promptly. Matthew Singer always has your six.

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